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The amazing shoe box theater powered by an iPhone

David Winograd

I love home theater. I love it so much that I have a real one in my house with a nine foot 2:35:1 screen and enough clean sound to be IMAX's little brother. Now Gary Katz has taken the opposite approach and built an absolutely gorgeous Liliputian theater out of a shoebox, some rubber cement, laser printed graphics and a very sharp knife. Take a look at the hand in the picture above and you'll be able to see the scale. Open the doors and you'll see a quite realistic-looking theater. And what powers the magic? An iPhone of course, which is cleverly slipped into a slot at the back of the shoebox. This little jewel box of a theater is a work of art in itself and the attention to detail is remarkable.

I can easily see an audience of green army soldier toys happily watching Toy Story. I think they'd like it much more than Ratatouille.

Read on to see the theater in action and then check out the inevitable 'making of' documentary.

[via iPhone Savior]

And now the making of the Shoebox Theater.

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