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DiscCloud teams up with Attevo to provide remote home folder service


For a Mac enterprise administrator, hosting your users' data someplace other than their valuable, easily-misplaced laptops is generally a good idea. Combining that with the powerful management and storage capabilities of a VMware infrastructure seems like an equally good idea, and that's where the DiscCloud platform comes in.

The toolset provides login and sync for remote users on their Macs, with all their data stored in VMDK files back in the home data center for easy backup and management. Unlike terminal services (Citrix-esque) solutions for distributed user populations, this approach preserves the application performance of the local machine while only sending the changed data back and forth to maintain synchronization between the user and the servers.

DiscCloud is teaming up with integrators/consultants Attevo to provide service packages for companies and institutions that are interested in implementing this approach. See the video below for a short demo.

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