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Lazy Raiders twists to XBLA February 24


Sarbakan Studios has announced that it's bringing a new title to Xbox Live Arcade. Entitled Lazy Raiders, it tasks players with plundering ancient ruins. The game offers something of a literal twist, however, as players don't actually control the main character, but instead turn the entire game world as he falls through the environment. Doing so, you help the explorer gather items and avoid various traps and hazards. If that sounds confusing, watch the video above for a more visual explanation.

The game is set to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade on February 24, according to the developer's press release, and features 80 levels and playable Avatar support. The title, incidentally, is derived from the main character being too lazy to walk through the levels, hence simply rotating them instead. That said, we'd like to point out that the extreme level of engineering it would cost to safely and effectively rotate ancient ruins is anything but lazy.

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