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Lenovo announces all-in-one, multitouch-enabled C315 desktop


More of a desktop person than a laptop person? Then Lenovo's got you covered too, as it's also just announced its new C315 all-in-one PC to go along with its latest pair of laptops. This one actually looks to be the same all-in-one we saw at CES last month as the C310, and packs a 20-inch multitouch display, along with an unspecified AMD Athlon dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon graphics (of some sort), and of course plenty of pre-loaded apps to take advantage of that big multitouch screen -- oh, and it's brown. Best of all, like the similarly budget-minded laptops announced today, this one won't break the bank, with it boasting a starting price of just $649 -- look for it this April.

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