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Wii to fret over 'Rock of the Dead'


All you really need to know about Rock of the Dead is that it's -- as the developers at Epicenter (Real Heroes: Firefighters) describe -- Typing of the Dead meets Guitar Hero. Judging by the build demonstrated to IGN, the game allows you to use a Rock Band or Guitar Hero ax to chop through the legions of the undead. Obviously, a guitar peripheral will be mandatory, though the developer is preparing contingency plan should Nintendo frown upon the requirement.

There's quite a bit of nerdy star power behind the game, with Neil Patrick Harris voicing the main character and Felicia Day featuring as the love interest. Rock of the Dead, which aims for a "cheesy/campy" feel throughout, will be budget-priced between $30 and $40 when it shambles into retail "late spring or early summer."

[Via 1UP]

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