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Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update coming down the pike, will tell you things you (should) already know

Darren Murph

Wondering why your PC has been infested with malware, random popups, intermittent shut downs and all sorts of other atypical garbage since the day you installed that downloaded copy of Windows 7? In case you aren't capable of determining that your copy of Windows isn't genuine (as in, you didn't buy it from a legitimate source), Microsoft is about to lend you a serious hand. In the "coming days," the software behemoth will be pushing out a new update for Windows Activation Technologies, which will look for over "70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits." It sounds as if the update is intended to alert folks who purchased complete PCs from the back of their local White Van that they may have gotten ripped off, but either way, we're not particularly stoked about having yet another item running in the background, consuming system resources and telling us that we've been naughty. Thankfully it's a voluntary update, but keep your eyes peeled if you don't want to okay the installation accidentally.

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