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WoW Moviewatch: Mangletooth


Mangletooth is the entry from RedEyeLobine into Blizzard's Rise to Power contest. According to the author, the video was created pretty late in the game as a "last minute thing." The contest had a three minute time limit. If you put these factors together, then RedEyeLobine was dealing with quite a challenge. Nonetheless, I think he did a great job of pulling together a wonderful video with a pretty funny ending.

Mangletooth himself is an old, classic World of Warcraft NPC. RedEyeLobine's video answers the question of what would happen when this old, captured, frustrated NPC grows tired of a two-expansion long imprisonment. The video has a few nice little gags along the way, and is pretty enjoyable for something RedEye says he whipped up quickly.

When he posted Mangletooth, RedEyeLobine took the time to say that he's still working on completing Frontline and Dude What's My Class? He's been busy during exams, and hopes to get them finished. Given the ongoing quality of his work, I certainly look forward to those two releases.

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