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BlackBerry Application Suite leaks, ready to corrupt a perfectly good WinMo phone

Chris Ziegler

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We'd figured that RIM's ambitious (if not questionable) project to port the juiciest morsels of BlackBerry OS to a virtual machine running atop Windows Mobile was abandoned long ago, and for all we know, it has -- but the half-baked remnants of the undertaking are finally available thanks to the good folks at xda-developers. BlackBerry Application Suite, as its known, has finally found a proper home in a CAB file that's making the rounds on the forums, and it's apparently been bolted together with enough duct tape to work on an AT&T Fuze. Well, "work" is a relative term -- you've apparently got to be on a BES server for it to work, you need to generate a valid PIN, and actuating the touchscreen requires a double-tap, but when you're ready to stop punishing yourself with this craziness, the cold comfort of WinMo is just a couple clicks away. If you think you need this, odds are you really just need a Storm2, but hey, feel free to ruin your weekend trying to get this to work.

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