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Macworld 2010: now supported in QuickOffice iPhone app


The storage mavens at took a few moments for us on the show floor at Macworld this week to demo the iPhone app that links to their service, which provides quick and consistent access to all your stored files; you can also view common file types, and even send download links to folders or files anywhere in the world. The latest update adds the ability to comment on files or folders from inside the app.

Another new addition at the show is the capability for QuickOffice users on the iPhone to open and edit stored files (via the $9.99 QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite), which could provide a big productivity boost. It was impressive -- with the app, you can jump in and edit files from anywhere. Good stuff.

And heck, just imagine what's around the corner for iPad users with QuickOffice and If QuickOffice is able to pull off an app like this on the iPhone, we can't wait to see what they do with the extra multitouch space.

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