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Macworld 2010: Moodagent has synced over one billion songs

David Winograd

In December we reviewed Moodagent [iTunes Link] a wonderful music app that puts you in control of creating Genius like playlists of your iTunes library. On release it didn't recognize about 20% of my library, but now, after analyzing over one billion songs, I find it to be about 95% accurate, and getting better all time.

I spoke with Richard French, the CEO of Syntonetic Inc., the parent company of Moodagent, who gave me an update on what's in store for the app and if you like it now, you're going to love it in 3 - 6 months. On the front burner is an iTunes plug-in which has been the most requested feature. I can easily see this completely replacing Genius playlists by putting you in the drivers seat when using iTunes on your computer.

I asked about the possibility of importing Moodagent playlists into iTunes and found that it's going to be difficult since the easy way would by necessity stomp all over some Apple proprietary code, but it's not impossible and it's going to happen this year. It will just take a lot of work and time. Another upcoming feature is integration of social networking so you can share your playlists on Facebook, Twitter and all the usual suspects. The limit of a 25 song playlist will eventually be raised, which would be my first request. This will is also on the drawing board and will be gotten to eventually.

It was interesting to learn a bit of how Moodagent works. Recent musicology graduates in Copenhagen sample songs during syncing and process them through 50 expert filters adding to the songs that Moodagent recognizes. They constantly work on improving the filters to make Moodagent more accurate. There is no tagging going on behind the scenes.

Moodagent is a great app now but after my discussion, I can see it being incredible about half a year from now. I can't wait.

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