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Quotient system electronically diagnoses ADHD, oh look a bunny

Tim Stevens

Cubicles are the site of many of the worst cases of adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), so it's perhaps a bit ironic that Quotient's ADHD System looks an awful lot like a cubicle on wheels. It's an automated machine that presents a series of games and challenges for a user to participate in, all while watching that user with a pair of cameras -- one up top to monitor head movement and one below to look for a bouncing leg. We think the same could be done far cheaper with a webcam and a Yurex leg odometer, but the FDA has recently seen fit to clear parent company BioBehavioral Diagnostics to start marketing this thing, so look for these to crop up in every elementary school faster than a twitchy kid can say Ritalin.

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