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The Daily Grind: Massive raids or minimal raids?


Long gone are the days of the 40+ man raid, yet players are still pining to experience massive content as it once was. Even if organizing a large raid, like the 100 people it use to take in EverQuest, was a gigantic pain in the rear to do, players still enjoyed doing it and participating in it. There was really nothing like gathering yourself and a huge amount of other people to do something epic.

Yet today we're very much in love with the concept of 10 man raids and 25 man raids; more interested in gathering a few friends to do something amazing instead of the vast numbers we once rounded up in one space. It's easier to get your friends together and bang out some difficult content, and some would even say that it's a much deeper experience when you play with just your close friends.

So what's your take on this debate, Massively readers? Would you prefer the raids of yore, or are you enjoying the game design of today? Do you want, perhaps, both styles available to you? Drop your thoughts in the comment box!

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