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Bank alts galore: Time to vote!

Dawn Moore

After three snow storms and some milk and cookies, I've managed to whittle down all the submissions readers sent in for the bank alt screen shot contest! It wasn't easy, though; we received hundreds of very creative submissions from readers around the globe. What you see is just a fraction of the submissions that came in.

Continue reading to see the submissions and vote for your favorite finalist!

  1. Allinde, a warrior woman bank alt who enjoys screaming at things.
  2. The Illuminati Order, a matching bank alt couple.
  3. Forbling of the Silver Handbag. Apparently she's an old friend of Tirion.
  4. Orcaby, a skull bashing bank alt who takes his auctions very seriously.
  5. Fairebanks, long lost cousin of Mr. Monopoly.
  6. Cashier, banker and fashionista of the Horde with a loyal companion pig.
  7. DK bank alt: Spookybank apparently explores many extracurricular activities when not at the auction house.
  8. DK bank alt: Velkina, a death knight who knows how to coordinate.
  9. Jambank, a cavalier orc who enjoys a nice Thalassian pinot at the end of the work day.


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