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Breakfast Topic: What PvE content will tide you over until Cataclysm?


We've gotten a lot of news lately about the timing of Cataclysm. It's confirmed for this year, though likely in the latter half. There will be a big pre-expansion patch before its release. Duh. And we're going to have some PvP and PvE content before that big patch. Many are speculating about what the PvE content will be.

The Spousal Unit thinks it's going to be another Troll dungeon, since we're due. I'm hoping for a sandbox area like the Isle of Quel'Danas. Others have expressed hopes of more from the nether regions of Northrend.

What extra PvE content would you like to see before Cataclysm? And what do you think is most likely to happen, regardless of your wishes?

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