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Resonance of Fate launches March 16 (yes, one week after Final Fantasy XIII)


We've already pointed out a handful of times that there are just a few too many JRPGs boldly standing up against Final Fantasy XIII's near-guaranteed dominance in terms of sales. It seems that at least one of those is moving out of its previously believed same-day release date with FFXIII, with Sega telling us in a press release yesterday afternoon that the it's "happy to announce that Resonance of Fate, the next RPG coming from tri-Ace, will be launching in North America on March 16" on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Clearly Sega is counting on die-hard FF fans to rush through the big release in under 168 hours, just in time for its bullet-riddled affair. We'll certainly see how it all shakes out in a few months when the sales numbers arrive, but we're betting the ground will be littered with chocobo feathers when it does.

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