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Kung Foo! Announces Closed Beta Reboot

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Kung Foo!, the much talked about free-to-play MMO from Perfect World Entertainment, has been moving through the beta phases, and now they are ready to announce: no Foo for you!

While it won't be one year, rather than move forward when they feel the game isn't ready to do so, they've opted to "reboot" the closed beta phase of the game later this year with better localization and a new expansion. While it's a bit of a disappointment by fans who are more than ready for launch, keep in mind that a rushed game full of problems is often more frustrating in the long run than a delayed game that has had most of the wrinkles ironed out.

The closed beta servers will come down Tuesday, February 16th, and the Kung Foo! team will begin working to implement player feedback and preparing for the reboot to come, and they intend to go out with a bang -- take a look at the full announcement here.

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