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New Nexus One ROM leaks, fixes more radio issues?

Chris Ziegler

Remember that hand-waving trick that got a Nexus One to give up the 3G ghost way, way too easily? Well, we don't want to pop the champagne just yet, but there's a new non-over-the-air firmware update floating around that includes yet another radio bump among its sundry features, suggesting HTC isn't quite done yet tuning this thing to get proper HSPA without freaking out from time to time. Whatever this update is, it may never see the official light of day in its current form -- it includes Google Maps 3.4, for one thing, while Google's already gone ahead and upped the ante to 4.0 for Buzz support -- but at least it seems engineers aren't done trying to make this thing work properly.

[Thanks, b3ast]

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