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Activision co-founder co-founds a new iPhone publisher

Activision co-founder David Crane knows a thing or two about profitable business ventures. In addition to helping one of the most lucrative gaming industry juggernauts get off the ground, he (and business partner Garry Kitchen) founded a successful iPhone app publisher named Skyworks. (You know, of Spill Da' Milk fame?) Now -- for unknown reasons -- the two men are starting up yet another iPhone publishing firm, this time titled AppStar Games. It's unclear whether the duo have left their posts at Skyworks, though the company's contact page no longer mentions their involvement with the studio.

According to a press release, the new studio will focus its efforts on "the booming market for 'small footprint' gaming across a diverse field of devices, including smartphones, wireless tablets and handheld console devices." We're not sure you can call anything on the iPad "small footprint," guys. At the very least, we'd say it's comparable to an average-sized loafer.

[Via Develop Online]

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