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ESRB: Death Track: Resurrection to get new life on PS3


Gaijin Entertainment Corporation plans to publish 1C's PC combat racing game Death Track: Resurrection, on PS3. At least, the publisher secured an ESRB rating for a PS3 version, which it probably wouldn't do if it didn't plan to release the game. Death Track: Resurrection, released last year, is about a violent racing competition set far in the future, in which cars have weapons and stuff. As a rookie driver, the player must make their way up the tournament ranks by driving well and not exploding.

Resurrection is the sequel to a PC game, Deathtrack, created by Red Baron/Tribes developer Dynamix and originally released in 1989. That actually goes a long way toward explaining how you can have "Death Track" and "Resurrection" in the same title. It's the death track that was resurrected.

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