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FirstPlay: it's like Qore, but weekly, and for Europe


We generally opt for punnier headlines, but it's difficult when the news is as uninspiring as this. GamesRadar's much-hyped PS3 exclusive announcement has been revealed: FirstPlay, a weekly digital "magazine" for European PS3 owners. Much like Qore, it will provide video previews and exclusive demos of anticipated PlayStation titles. However, unlike Qore, it will be produced weekly.

FirstPlay will be available in the UK beginning in March, with other European territories to follow shortly thereafter. Individual episodes can be purchased for 99p, while a three month subscription will cost £8.99. Replacing Veronica Belmont for this strictly-European offering is British comedian Lucy Porter. Hopefully, she'll find some time to make fun of the people that thought this announcement was going to be about Resistance 3.

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