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Runes of Magic introduces 6,000 Euros Challenge

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last week, Runes of Magic fans were happy to hear that Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms will be arriving in May. This week, the celebration continues with a game of virtual hide and seek for some serious real-world cash.

The Runewalker -- a powerful Zurhidon mage -- will appear on a randomly selected European server every day for five days for the Runes of Magic 6,000 Euros Challenge. The first player to track him down will receive a bundle of items from the item shop. If you're not the first to find him, don't give up. Every player to challenge the Runewalker will be entered in a daily drawing for 1,000 Euros. On Friday, there will be a final drawing in addition to the regular daily drawing: every account that logged in during the contest period will be entered for another prize of 1,000 Euros, whether they challenged the Runewalker or not.

The hunt is on as of today, and will continue through Friday the 19th. Take a look at all the details here, and good luck!

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