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Swede's iMac takes a burnin' and it's still turnin'


In what should be used by Apple as a testament to the solid construction of their computers, a Swedish man, Anders Norman, suffered a tragedy last Wednesday when his house burned down. To Norman's surprise, his iMac survived the conflagration despite being burned and partially melted.

Norman's experience (translated from Swedish) follows: "Unfortunately, the whole house and all things in there completely destroyed, so even the iMac. What's funny is that it is still in operation. While damaged from smoke and dust and partially melted, but yet, however in operation.

After I plugged in the burned power cord and wiped off the worst dust from the screen I pressed the melted start button. Imagine my surprise when the startup sound sings from the speakers! The screen turns on and the machine connects to the wireless network.

The mouse works flawlessly and the scroll wheel as well. Firefox starts and I take up the article from the local magazine about the fire ... Fantastic!

On Friday I bought a new iMac at the Apple Store here in Umeå, which I now rejoice."

To see just how bad the damage was, take a look at this second photograph by Anders Norman that was shown on the website:

Thanks to TUAW readers Emil and Roger for the tip.

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