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Macworld 2010: Steve and Mike's excellent HP adventure


One of the highlights of TUAW's visit to Macworld Expo 2010 was a pre-show tour of the HP booth on Wednesday, February 10. HP has a long and storied history with Apple, with both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working for the company at one time before founding Apple. The company has created many Mac-compatible printers over the years, and has worked quite closely with Apple in recent years to insure that drivers for current and past printers are included in Mac OS X.

HP's team welcomed us to their booth as the show was still being set up. Eric Killian, Worldwide Training Manager for SMB Inkjet Printing Systems, showed off two brand-new printers for the Mac; the OfficeJet 4500 All-in-one and the OfficeJet Pro 8500 Premier. The OfficeJet 4500 is not currently listed on the HP site, but we'll update this post when a link to the new member of the family is added to the product pages.

Annamaria Pardini, Segment Marketing Manager for HP Mac-connect, is in charge of HP's iPhone apps and talked with us about their HP12C and HP12C Platinum financial calculator apps, the HP15C scientific calculator app, the HP MediaSmart Server iStream app, the new Snapfish app, and the revised HP iPrint Photo 2.0 app.

If you're in the market for a large-format printer, HP also showcased the DesignJet Z2100 24" Photo Printer. With 8 color cartridges, custom color profile capabilities, and a wide range of media (from paper to canvas) to print on, the DesignJet Z2100 is a power tool for design professionals.

Check out the HD video of our tour by clicking the Read More link. Many thanks to our ace videographer and editor, Chad Mumm.

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