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Oxyfit personal oxygen booster a bulky alternative to Perri-air


The Earth's atmosphere. what with its twenty percent oxygen an' all, has supported life for millions of years -- but is there a better way? The kids at the Japan Trend Shop certainly think so, and they're currently shilling something called the Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply. Consisting of an electronic oxygen generation pack, a lithium-ion battery for up to 1.5 hours of runtime, oxygen tube, aspirator, and helpful instructions (which are really only helpful if you can read Japanese), this bad boy will ramp up your oxygen intake by half -- and with all the breathing you do, that has to be a good thing. In addition to the nootropic and fatigue-busting effects of the device, the company claims that wearing it will help you lose weight. It remains unclear if this is due to the change in metabolism the extra oxygen brings, or because you're walking around with a 3.3 pound device strapped to your back all day. Yours for a mere $2,681! Hit the source link to get started.

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