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ThinkPad X201's official maintenance manual reveals new models' specs

Vlad Savov

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That X series refresh we've been waiting on from Lenovo seems to have become imminent as the company's website has published the latest version of its maintenance manual, which now includes the models X201, X201s, X201i and X201si. The X201 will come with Intel CPU options ranging all the way up to the 2.66GHz Core i7-620M -- a true powerhouse with 4MB of cache that is already available on T410 and T510 models -- while the slimmer X201s will plump for the lower-volted Core i7-640LM, clocked at a reputable 2.13GHz but also consuming 10W less power than its chunkier sibling. The X201i and X201si will likely prop up the pseudo-affordable part of Lenovo's range with Core i3-330M parts. And oh yes, touchpads are now an option -- not being excited about this upgrade, however, is not.

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