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Volvo announces touchscreen-based rear seat entertainment system


Volvo unfortunately isn't providing any pictures of it just yet, but the automaker has announced a new rear set entertainment system that might just make those actually driving the vehicle a little envious. Dubbed the RSEi-500, the system is based around a touchscreen of unspecified size, and packs a 500GB hard drive for media storage, a DVD player, USB and A/V inputs, and built-in WiFi to let you pair it with a Sprint OverDrive or other mobile hotspot (or your home network when you're parked in the garage, for that matter). You'll also get Windows XP for an OS, although there's no word on the specs for the computer at the heart of the system (we'd expect it to be a bit too underpowered for a mobile LAN party though). Volvo also isn't making any firm commitments about which vehicles the system will land in, but Autoblog apparently has it on good authority that it'll be available on both the Volvo XC60 and XC70 starting this summer.

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