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WoW Moviewatch: I Dislike Bloodelf Rap


If you were to ask Wowcrendor how he feels about Belf Rap, I'm pretty sure he'd tell you I Dislike Bloodelf Rap. It's just not his favorite genre. However, he's encountered enough folks who's told him to try it out himself that he finally did so. Really, though, from what I understand, Wowcrendor's mostly challenging other machinimators to try out story-based machinima instead of simply music videos.

Whatever the story behind this video, however, I found it to be a lot of fun. The visuals aren't exactly amazing, but I believe that was part of the point. Wowcrendor pulled out some great lyrical skills, though. It's funny, amusing, keeps time, and carries the same hallmark sense of humor that you see in his other movies.

I'm definitely interested to see if anyone answers this video with another piece of machinima. A lot of art works best when it's in conversation with other creators' pieces, so I think we could see some really fun stuff if someone does answer Wowcrendor's challenge.

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