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Third-party studio offers more confirmation of motion-sensing Nintendo DS2


We've already had a pretty clear indication that Nintendo's inevitable DS successor would have at least some form of motion control, and an unspecified third-party studio has now offered some additional confirmation of that, and some downright glowing impressions of the device itself. According to CVG, an "insider" that's currently using a DS2 development kit says that the DS2 is "genuinely the best thing I think I've ever worked with," and that it has "a 'tilt' function that's not dissimilar to iPhone, but does a lot more." The source further added that The Pokemon Company is getting "special attention" with it (rest easy, everybody), and that Nintendo likely won't be showing off any hardware at GDC next month. Yeah, that sound you just heard was the rumor mill being cranked up a notch.

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