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It's a wrap for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising DLC

"... I just wanted to inform you all that the team have now completed the 'Dragon Rising' chapter of Operation Flashpoint and that's it for DR-related content going forward."

And with that simple proclamation, delivered by Codemasters Community Manager Helios, comes the end of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. While fans on the boards are predictably upset, we're hard-pressed to find fault in Codies' DLC strategy. With two DLC packs released to date – the Skirmish and Overwatch DLC packs, which included four new multiplayer maps, two new multiplayer modes, and four new Fire Team Engagement missions – it would appear Dragon Rising has already received more post-release support than most games in its class.

But if it's simply more Operation Flashpoint you're after, Helios drops some not-so-subtle hints about the future of the franchise. "... in the grand scheme of future plans and schedules the vast majority of the team are already busy planning the future of modern combat," Helios assures the angry mobs before adding, "... please keep on posting and letting us [know] your thoughts regarding the game, or even what you'd like to see in future titles and maybe sequels!"

See that, everyone? There are "future plans" about the "future" of modern combat and they want to know your thoughts on "future titles." Do we have to spell it out for you? Operation Flashpoint 3 will take place in the future!

[Thanks, Skwurl; via 1UP]

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