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Jays to ship seven new earbuds this year, prestige x-JAYS included

Darren Murph

We hate to point out the obvious, but it's been a hot minute (or two, actually) since we've seen any new gear from Sweden's own Jays. Evidently the company's been hoarding up its wares for a mass introduction, as seven new products were brought to the public's attention this week. The new a-JAYS and t-JAYS are both slated to hit the market in Q1 of this year, with each series being available in three different styles with different sound features. Each will ship with a protective travel case, and for those with extra coin to spend, a gaggle of accessories should also be available. The x-JAYS (citing as the "prestige" model) will ship in Q2, and these are described as being the planet's smallest in-ear headphones with a quadro armature. Mum's the word on pricing, but we're guessing they'll be somewhere between "reasonable" and "are you kidding me?"

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