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Nintendo wins R4 piracy suit in Australia: Pay up, pirates!


Nintendo's march against the R4 mod cartridge for the DS rolls on this week, as the company has won a lawsuit against an Australian distributor of the now-illegal device, according to iTNews. RSJ IT Solutions, which sold the R4 through, was ordered to stop selling the device and fined $520,000 ($466,752 USD) in damages payable to Nintendo. Two other respondents named by Nintendo in the suit, Patrick Li and James Li, were also ordered to stop selling the R4 in Australia and fined $100,000 ($89,760 USD). Furthermore, the two are required to disclose the names of their R4 suppliers.

This marks Nintendo's second major blow to piracy in Australia this month. Last week, Nintendo was successfully awarded $1.5 million ($1.3 million USD) in damages to be paid by a remorseful Australian man, who was found to be the first to upload New Super Mario Bros. Wii to the internet. Lest any potential pirates out there haven't figured it out yet -- especially those in Australia -- Nintendo isn't messing around.

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