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Semi-stars fight it out in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 charity event

Justin McElroy

Imagine you told us that Dr. Chad Ocho Cinco (Hon.) and Olivia Munn intended to throw a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 party and invite all their pseudo-celebrity pals to play for charity. If you asked us to dream up a guest list, we doubt we would be physically capable of coming up with a more ill-suited and uninspiring crew than the one that will actually be in Hollywood tonight for the Battlefield Celebrity Bracket Challenge.

We understand Hal Sparks and Perez Hilton are there, that's just the law, but the rest of the NFL players and 90210 and CSI:NY stars that fill out the list so strain and pervert the word "celebrity" that it can now be accurately applied to karaoke DJs and birthday party illusionists. The sole exception here is Heroes star Greg Grunberg, who's a totally decent guy that just seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Bad company indeed, Greg. Bad company indeed.

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