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StarCraft II beta is live. Beware of scams!


People are getting actual StarCraft II beta invites, but that doesn't mean that all beta invites (or any other emails that look like they are from Blizzard) are real. If you got an email saying that you have been invited to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, don't click anything in that email. Instead take the following steps:
  • Type into your browser (no typos) and it will go to the secure site appropriate to your region.
  • Enter your account info.
  • Under Manage My Games, choose Add or Upgrade a Game.
  • Enter the Beta Key provided in the email where it says Enter Game Key.
  • Press Add Game.
If you are able to successfully add the game to your library, then you received a real beta invite. If the email tells you to go someplace else for the beta key or the key provided did not work, then you received a phishing email.

Account thieves are sending out phishing emails all the time -- we get several tips a day. And with SC2 beta actually beginning, the Cataclysm beta scams are sure to increase. So you need to be careful of any official looking email you receive. Always navigate to the site yourself to check things out and remember that Blizzard will never ask for your account information in an email.

If you do determine that an email claiming to be from Blizzard is not legit, forward it to Blizzard has more about identifying phishing emails at this link.

Please remember that account safety and computer security is your responsibility! While has provided you with resources to additional information, do your homework and make sure you know what you're doing before installing any antivirus or other software. And if your account does get stolen, please see our guide on what to do next.

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