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Verizon launches FiOS Mobile Remote app for Droid and Imagio


Controlling your TV from your phone isn't a new concept, but Verizon just made it a bit sexier. Verizon FiOS owners this week can nab a new FiOS Mobile Remote app for their Motorola Droid or HTC Imagio. The application emulates regular remote buttons, but also tosses in an icon-based favorites view of channels, in addition to an ability to sling photos from the phone to the big screen. The phone hooks into your FiOS box over your local WiFi, and requires you to download a widget for the set top box as well to get everything synced up. We're not exactly sure why this is limited to the Droid and Imagio right now -- we're sure the Droid Eris could handle the workload, for instance -- but Verizon does say that it's working on making additional handsets compatible in the future. Check out a video demo of the functionality after the break.

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