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Warcraft Plushies on the way, and no, that's not a fetish group

Kevin Kelly

Blizzard's in-game pet store will soon be breaking the fourth wall and invading your living room with the World of Webkinz, er ... Warcraft plush animals. You'll be able to spend your real-life gold ($24.99 each) on a real-world plush doll, which will come with a code for an in-game pet that looks identical to your furry little friend. For starters, a Gryphon Hatchling and a Wind Rider Cub will be available, but more will be added later, and they'll have an Alliance or a Horde shield (depending on your faction) embroidered around their necks like an adorable little bib.

With the amount of money Blizzard is raking in each month, don't be surprised if there's some sort of Jurassic Park-like genetic engineering going on inside their walls so they can offer up real-life Murloc sea-pets next time around. Sea Monkeys have needed a comeback vehicle, and this just might be it. We'll be giving some of these away soon on the site, so keep your eyes peeled for furries.

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