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WoW Moviewatch: Fat, Ugly and Flying


Fat, Ugly and Flying strikes me as an incredibly beautiful piece. It's the freshman machinima project between two friends, and I think the wonderful, hopeful surreality of the video does great justice to its source. It actually reminds me a lot of Warrior's Dream, in that both seem to share and interesting dream-like quality.

The music for the video is fun and playful which suits the tenor of the overall video. I think the use of a black bearded orc is ironic and powerful. Fat, Ugly and Flying might lead you to believe there's some self-deprecation happening, but it's pretty clear that "ugly" is getting used in the same sense as "ugly duckling." It's a positive message about how nothing should hold us back from our dreams.

I hope Epic Dream Entertainment keeps making movies, and tries out new things. While Fat, Ugly and Flying might have felt a little long, the video shows there's a lot of promise with these folks.

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