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Conservatives hoping to attract younger supporters with video games


In order to try and pull in visitors to the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, organizers are going all out. They'll have Glenn Beck as a keynote speaker, the NRA will be on hand, and there will be a video game lounge equipped with Xboxes and Wiis. Why the games? The conference is aiming to bring in the under-30 crowd, and to do that, organizer Kevin McCullough has created something called the XPAC Lounge, an area outside the Conference where attendees will be able to play Xbox, snack on junk food, and attend a "late night rap/jam session" with cool conservative cats like Mike Huckabee and John McCain's blogging daughter.

Kevin McCullough's name sound familiar? He's the same conservative commentator who had to apologize to gamers after claiming the first Mass Effect game was "pushing our next generation of young men through the gates of hell." But apparently he's gotten over any issues he's had with interactive entertainment -- he now says that games like Guitar Hero and Call of Duty can help the conservative conference give this generation "a pat on the back and the encouragement of, 'We believe in you.'" All well and good; Just watch out for Sean Hannity. We hear he's a beast at Halo Wars.

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