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Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates fourth anniversary

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Time flies when you're having fun: Dungeons and Dragons Online is about to celebrate its fourth birthday, and Turbine is ready to party.

We've already gotten a taste of the fun in the Risia Ice Games, but the celebration expanded yesterday with the addition of Taj the Festival Egg Collector. If you've got a character created before February 18, 2010 on any server, check your inventory for some special gifts. Head to the northern area of the Marketplace to find Taj (Hint: look for the crowd of players grouped together casting Haste, Feather fall, and Jump every few seconds. You'll find Taj near the center of the commotion.) Taj will send you on a fast-paced hunt throughout the Marketplace, and reward you with some nice prizes at the end depending on how well you did.

The Traveler's Scavenger Hunt isn't the only gift we're receiving, however. Break out the alts for leveling, because February 26-28 and March 5-7 will bring a 20% XP bonus to all players. The Risia Ice games are continuing for a few more weeks as well, so check out all the details on the official site before heading in for your presents!

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