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Macworld 2010: Hangman RSS from Fingerarts


We met many developers and tried many apps while at Macworld Expo last week. Among the more entertaining was Hangman RSS from Fingerarts.

Developer Luigi, a self-professed "news junkie," visited the booth to tell us about his company's latest app. It starts with the classic game of hangman that we all played as kids. Here's the twist: Instead of presenting the user with a random word to guess, it pulls a timely news headline and leaves a key word out. It's your job to guess that word. If it's too difficult, you can get a hint in the form of the article's abstract. If you win, you get to read the full article.

It was surprisingly fun and looked great. Watch the video above for a demo and our conversation with Luigi. Then check out the game in iTunes (there's a free version as well).

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