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OCZ's Vertex Limited Edition SSD: $399 for best-in-class write speeds, only 5,000 available


Here's an interesting one. OCZ is essentially retailing the never-made-it-to-market Vertex 2 Pro as the Vertex Limited Edition. It runs the SandForce SF-1500 controller, which the Vertex 2 Pro put to such stunning good use in its prototype form, but unfortunately that controller proved to complex and costly for OCZ to mass retail the drive. Instead it's offering the Vertex Limited Edition, 5,000 drives sporting the superfast controller. The drives come in 100GB ($399) and 200GB ($829) flavors, and once they're gone they're gone. It's a better performing drive (particularly on writes) than the similarly priced Intel X25-M G2, but unfortunately the limited quantity isn't the only thing to worry about: there were some issues of failing drives with the Vertex 2 Pro. Only time will tell as to how well the supposedly-improved firmware of the Vertex Limited Edition will hold up, but all 5,000 might be sold by the time some serious reliability testing can be performed. We supposed that's just part and parcel with life in the fast lane.

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