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Solving post-patch addon woes


Lots of changes are on the horizon and with great change comes an awesome new Public Test Realm patch with a boatload of broken addons. Here's a quick tip -- one good way to pick out pieces of addons that you don't necessarily know are a part of a specific addon or addon package is to use a simple mouse over macro. This one in particular:

/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( GetMouseFocus():GetName() );
Create a macro with that script command and hover over a section of your user interface. The name of that particular module of your interface will be displayed in your chat box. Simple and easy, in case you cannot figure out what addon you're looking at.

Whenever a new patch comes out or I head off to the PTR to test out the new changes, I like having this macro at the ready just in case one of my addons decides to move in a wacky place or if the game itself broke an addon's position and I need to remember which addon I'm dealing with.

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