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ESRB rates 'Tecmo Bowl Throwback' for PSN and XBLA

It seems that, once again, our anonymous tipster was right on the money. The ESRB recently rated Tecmo Bowl Throwback for the PSN and XBLA platforms, describing it as a "top-down arcade-style football game in which players compete against teams around the country to become the 'Tecmo Bowl Champion.'" Though the game earned an "E" rating, the listing mentions "cheerleaders wearing low-cut tops" and "a 2D swimsuit model with some exposed cleavage." How positively scandalous!

Surprisingly, the ESRB listing doesn't mention a twelve-foot-tall, cybernetic Bo Jackson who causes every player who thinks about tackling him to explode in a fountain of gore. So, we're guessing that feature isn't getting ported over from the original game.

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