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Keepin' it real fake, part CCLIV: HTC Tattoo joins the WinMo gang, or appears to anyway


No matter how realistic a KIRF phone looks these days, there's always a catch somewhere. For instance, this GSM handset is pretty much an exact clone of the HTC Tattoo, except for a couple of debatably important things: the suspiciously-cheerful $169 price tag, and the fact that Windows Mobile (and not Android) is running the show. Oh, and it doesn't end there: judging by the photo, you'd assume this evil clone runs WinMo 6.5, yet the spec sheet mutters 6.1. A typo? Maybe. Something far more baleful? Maybe. A KIRF OS to go along with the KIRF hardware? Probably. That said, it's hard to turn down a cheap phone that packs GPS, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth audio, a spare battery and a 2.8-inch touchscreen (240 x 320), but that's assuming that you've no self-esteem to speak of. See if the full kit after the break will seal the deal for you.

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