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Age of Conan: Welcome to Kara Korum

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The nice folks at Funcom continue to give us glimpses at the upcoming Age of Conan expansion Rise of the Godslayer, venturing into the lovely vacation spot of Kara Korum.

Well, it's lovely if you enjoy bodies strewn everywhere and horrible hellbeasts. Kara Korum is described as "insanity on the edge of the empire" at the beginning of the newest trailer, and the screenshots and concept art depict a wasteland that promises nothing good for those who venture inside its borders. It's mostly a dead, blasted landscape, and the only green area is the Valley of the Giants, filled with hostile creatures "grown hundreds of times their regular size." At the center of it all is a mysterious crater -- maybe the source of the unpleasant place that Kara Korum has become. There's one way to find out, so good luck! (Make sure you're well-armed.)

This latest look at Rise of the Godslayer is a generous one, including screenshots, concept art, and another trailer. Check out the gallery as well as the trailer after the jump.

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