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Google Earth now available on Android 2.1

Chris Ziegler

After a totally nonchalant, non-announcement type of showing by Erick Tseng at Eric Schmidt's MWC keynote last week (thanks to Phone Scoop for pointing that out), the Android version of Google Earth is now available in the Market for download to the Nexus One (and, in the future, "most" other devices running 2.1 or newer). Previously, it'd only been available as a mobile app on the iPhone -- a rare example of Google treating Apple's platform better than its own -- but with modern Android handsets getting extraordinarily speedy, it makes sense that they'd want to bring the graphics-intensive app home. It's not as useful as Google Maps in the strictest sense of the word, but with touch control (multitouch in particular), it's endlessly entertaining -- and assuming you've got an unlimited data plan and a few free megabytes of app storage space, it's probably a must-download.

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