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One Shots: A lonely sunset

The lovely world of Atys may not be a place that many have walked, but thankfully we have excellent readers who send us notes from Ryzom on occasion. Any game that has fans dedicated enough to raise money in an attempt to buy it rather than see it shut down, certainly has something going for it!

Today's lovely Ryzom One Shots comes to us from Steven K. who writes in: Just a league or so Northeast of Pyr, tired and exhausted from hunting, I found a shaded locale from which to rest. Nearby, a Capryni grazed is solitude. I wonder if he, like myself, longed for the days where many more Homins populated Atys and helped protect the Capryni from the constant harassment of Gingos and Goari.

If you're playing a game we don't see here often -- or perhaps have never seen here -- we definitely want to hear from you! There are tons of great MMOs out there that don't get nearly enough love, but we need you to send your screens in for them. Just email them to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description. Yours could very well be the next one we feature.

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