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Super Meat Boy coming to XBLA before WiiWare, aiming for summer release


In this week's meat-related game news, Super Meat Boy devs "Team Meat" (a.k.a. Edmund McMillen and a few others) has confirmed the game's release for XBLA with the above screen via its Twitter account. The studio further confirmed the news to IGN, who also found out that the team is hoping for a summer release. According to the report, SMB will find his way into thousands of inglorious deaths on the Xbox 360 first, with WiiWare and PC/Mac support coming afterward. No PSN release was announced, but the team would say that it has the little meaty platformer up and running on a PlayStation 3 dev kit.

The reason for the move is said to be at least in part due to the space restrictions enforced by Nintendo and Microsoft, with the latter offering more space and thus more options for extra content. Super Meat Boy is claimed to be "about half finished," with the game's developers hoping for a summer release, just in time for grill season. Talk about synergy!

Source 1 - Super Meat Boy Twitter account
Source 2 - IGN

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