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Vertu Ascent X dazzles FCC with its expert craftsmanship, supple leather

Chris Ziegler

We don't really know the fully story behind this new certification just yet, but it's not every day that Vertu -- Nokia's ultra-luxury brand -- passes a device through the FCC, so we figured we'd broadcast the exciting news anyhow. Other than a line art shot of the back and a few particularly sparse lab documents, your guess is as good as ours, but there's one bit in the RF test results that reads right out of a Tourneau brochure: "The Vertu Model: Ascent X, FCC ID: P7QRM-589V is a mobile phone in the Luxuary [sic] category. It is differentiated from standard models in terms of craftsmanship/materials and quality. The model is available in a number of cosmetic finishes, where substituted on a like for like basis, Metal for Metal, RF Neutral/leather and cover materials for the same in a variety of colors and finishes (Mat/polished/color etc)." Metal for metal indeed, Vertu. Interestingly, the phone appears to support quadband HSPA on the 800, 850, 1900, and 2100MHz frequencies -- not something you see every day -- and although we can't find any details on the phone, Vertu's official data configuration service lists an "Ascent X Design" model, so this might very well be it. Start raiding the trust fund, ladies and gentlemen.

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