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ARG! The Secret World community uncovers hidden 'Monster Blog'

Kyle Horner

Let us never say that Funcom doesn't know how to run a good Alternate Reality Game, or ARG. The community surrounding the upcoming modern-day MMO has discovered a personal blog named Monsters of Maine. How, you might be wondering? Through the oft-maligned Twitter, that's how. If you're willing to sift through a 50+ page thread over on The Secret World's official forums, you'll find a transcript of a the Twitter conversations between the fictional people of Kingsmouth. Yep, this community pretty much rocks.

So what's the blog all about? Well, it's run by a user named Cryptoinvestigator -- who's revealed via that Twitter convo as Tyler Freeborn, a "crazy" who believes all sorts of evil things are taking place. One of his more ominous blog posts reads, "The Pale Men will return. Not today, not tomorrow - but soon. I can FEEL them. I can smell them." Several of his other posts contain some really awesome peeks into what we can only assume are pieces of game lore and screenshots cloaked in ARG craziness.

The most recent post by Freeborn says he's got evidence to prove his claims, so we'll be keeping an eye out for that. Hmm, we can feel ourselves becoming more obsessed with this by the minute.

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