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Engadget HD Podcast 179 - 02.23.2010

Trent Wolbe
Another week, another breaking news item just in time for us to discuss on the podcast and weren't we lucky to have Home Media Magazine's Chris Tribbey filling in the third seat this week to try and make sense of Wal-mart's purchase of VUDU. Other industry shakeups include the Redbox & Warner deal, Sezmi's retail launch and possible release dates for Avatar on Blu-ray disc. After that we dig into whether HDMI 1.3 will support 3D, the future for Media Center Extenders, some TiVo news and finally what's wrong with the Olympics and why NBC doesn't care what you or we think.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Guest: Chris Tribbey, Home Media Magazine

Producer: Trent Wolbe


00:01:35 - Wal-Mart buying Vudu streaming movie service?
00:07:25 - Redbox to delay renting Warner movies in return for lower costs and access to Blu-ray
00:19:34 - Sezmi launches $20 per month cable/satellite alternative today in L.A.
00:28:40 - James Cameron sees Avatar on Blu-ray 3D in November, HDTV manufacturers mark their calendars
00:37:45 - Sony's Blu-ray players do 3D in 1080p even with HDMI 1.3
00:48:03 - Extenders for Media Center aren't dead, they just seem like it
00:56:48 - TiVo granted patent on recording Season Pass subscriptions by priority
01:02:23 - TiVo wonders why cable wants TV Everywhere, except on a TiVo
01:05:45 - How does NBC justify tape delaying the Olympics? Pretty easily


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